Monday, February 25, 2008

Who is behind Facebook?

This piece about who put the money behind Facebook raises a number of interesting questions.

The CIA, through In-Q-Tel, has a large investment in Facebook. Does this mean that the CIA is actively using Facebook to spy on US citizens? Why else would they be interested in such a tool?

I know some people that don't use Facebook because of questions like these. But seriously folks, what could the government do knowing that your favorite movie is "Grease 2"? Besides laugh, of course. Nothing. Thats why I'm not worried.

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Jessica said...

VERY interesting article. I wouldn't be surprised at all if spy organization and counter-terror forces were tapping into facebook conversations. While I don't agree with the invasion of privacy aspect of it, I think its a useful and informative tool.

ps. I like how you always include links to up-and-coming cool things. Kepp it up!