Friday, February 15, 2008


This is a little off topic, but an amazing computer game was released today. Its called Audiosurf. The best way to describe it would be that its puzzle racing game that makes its tracks from your music. You select a song and a character that determines the style of game you want to play, and the game creates a track for you to play along with the song. You have to try it. You can grab the demo on Steam right here. If don't you want to use Steam to try the game out, you can download a standalone demo here.


Anonymous said...

I played this game and i have to say it was quite awful. It looks like people in front of computers have far too much time on their hands, the hours you spend on this game (and others like it) could be spent learning a real instrument. Can you play a real instrument?....Didnt think so

Jessica said...

Actually sounds really cool but I can't play it on my Mac... bummer.

WhoZeDuke said...

Wow anonymous, way to hide behind that name. Why can't you own up to your comments?

I think you are confusing this game with Guitar Hero. In Audiosurf, you don't make music like in Guitar Hero, you just play the game along with it. Its like a playable visualizer.

And who cares if I don't know how to play an intstrument? Instead of insulting people over how they spend their time, go back to making your multi-platinum records, you virtuoso. I'll stick with my videogames.

Anonymous said...

Well i post on all blogs as anonymous, my name isn't as important as my message. I'm not hiding behind anything. So what if you knew my name? Would you look me up on myspace or facebook? Yes you would. Would you ever do anything but tell your friends? No you wouldn't.

I am not confusing anything with anything, but by merely mentioning Guitar Hero tells me you own that game too,so i'll stick to my original comment.

Your right i dont have any platinum albums and i'm okay with that. I make music because i love making music. I am good at it, so i guess that does make me a virtuoso. No one insulted anyone by the way. I merely stated a fact that i can reasonably surmise to be true. So tell me, was I right?

And for the record, i enjoy reading your blog

WhoZeDuke said...

While you are right that I own Guitar Hero, that was a ridiculous leap of logic you made. You are also right that I don't know how to play an instrument. I used to take piano lessons, but decided it wasn't for me.

You may not like music videogames, but many people love them just like you love making music. What's wrong with that?