Monday, February 4, 2008


If you live on a college campus or in a trendy part of town, chances are that you've seen a Threadless t-shirt. is website where anyone can design a t-shirt and submit it on the website. After submitting a design, it gets voted on by the site's community. If the submission does well, anyone can purchase it on the website.

Threadless is a breath of fresh air when it comes to t-shirt sites. Rather than the lame movie references and stupid jokes that fill most other sites designs, you can really find something unique on Threadless. What makes the site genius is that the submission and voting process allows the consumer to be involved in the entire design process.

I think that this kind of business-consumer, collaborative, marketing is the future. This Business Week article describes how Nike is letting its customers design shoes in-store and then purchase them. I expect more and more companies to roll out similar initiatives.

BTW, I'm crossing my fingers that this design goes into production soon.


Adam Saxe said...

After reading your post it made me think of the article I read about the Nike ID's and how both companies are creating new ideas within fashion industries, but also new marketing/advertising strategies. Threadless connecting people by having people check out each others designs and such and Nike is doing something similar by giving you options to personalize your shoes and share your design with your friends. Both companies are helping to connect shopping for clothes/shoes and also expand a social network through offering opportunities to connect with other people while shopping.

KBriz said...

Evbo if u buy that shirt im getting one too lol

Jessica said...

Threadless is cool - I had never heard of it before. It's kind of a mix between a t-shirt company and an online art gallery. People are super creative - I like it.