Monday, March 3, 2008

Networking for a job

Last summer, I got incredibly lucky. After the spring semester ended, I was planning on going home and going back to the Supermarket I worked at in high school. A few days later, my dad lets me know that the company he works for needs college students to test their new software. It was a great job with great pay for a summer job, and I learned a lot about IT.

Its March and I still haven't found a job for the summer. I doubt something like the testing job is going to happen again. I'm going to start taking the advice in this article from It'll be tough, but I think I can do it.

Before I embark on that journey, I just posted my resume on Hopefully that works out. By the way, I really hate that website, way to many obnoxious ads.

I looked into some websites for business networking, like, and I'm going to them a try. If enough of my friends sign up, I think it could end being extremely useful once I graduate.


Steph said...

Good ideas of places to post! Another option is the AU Career Web website. I know it sounds a little dorky, but i know some people who have gotten really sweet internships (both payed and unpayed. Why not take advantage of the schools reputation and associate yourself with it? I know lots of companyies seach college resmues looking for students so I think its worth a shot!

Brian said...

I'll have to try some of these websites. Can you go back to the job you were working at your father's company? good luck with your search.

Jessica said...

Be sure to check out Craigs List too. MANY totally legit companies post positions on there. Some even remain anonymous, so if you see a position that sounds cool - email them. Go for it - why not? Steph's idea of using the CareerWeb is awesome too. I got my internship at National Geographic through AU.

Good luck to ya, pal. Remember also that everything happens for a reason.

WhoZeDuke said...

The Career Web is really good, but its really only good for jobs in the DC area, which doesn't work for me this summer. I keep checking for Jobs in Philly/Jersey, but they are hard to find on that site. I'll try Craigslist, too.

I'd like to back to my old job, but it was a one-time thing.

Thanks everyone!

Abdul said...

I agree that the steps provided in that article are really good and fresh ideas many of which I haven't heard of before.
Good Luck with your search for this summer.

Bill said...
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