Monday, March 24, 2008

The future of the news

Its no secret that the old fashioned news outlets are dying out. According to this article from Media Life Magazine, the old stalwarts of the TV news, the network evening news broadcasts, are losing of much of their younger viewers to cable news and the internet. And newspapers continue to decline in readership.

While I do not think the future predicted in the EPIC 2014 video will happen exactly as portrayed, we are on way to something similar. Already the signs are there. Technologies like Google Reader combined with subject specific blogs and news sites allow people to get there news on very specific topics from very specific viewpoints. While the regular newsmedia has its share of bias, its nothing compared to some of the blogs and websites out there. Instead of the internet making us less ignorant, it may end up making us more so.


Jessica said...

And so we go back to our heated in-class debate - Is the internet making us dumber/more ignorant? I don't think so. I think these sort of news-specific blogs and websites are developing the global conversation, making us more aware of cultural and worldly perspectives as access expands to more and more people around the world. As for 2014, we shall see.

Steph said...

I think the internet is what you make of it. Dumb people can use the internet too ya know. So i'm sure there are plently more people watching mindless youtube videos, but perhaps they see something in the background that interests them. Since they're on the internet why not go to google and look up something about it? I think the internet makes us lazy, not dumb.

Brian said...

i was always on the side of the internet is making us a little lazy. We are becoming a little to general on topics a little lazier without having to go out and do it but at the same time we have a vast knowledge that they never had.