Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My first Spore Creation

The Spore Creature Creator Trial was released today for PC and Mac today. If you aren't familiar with Spore, read up on it on Wikipedia. It's a virtual life game from Will Wright, creator of Sim City and The Sims. This release is just the creature creation portion of the game, with limited options. You can get it here.

Surprisingly, its a lot of fun to just mess around with the different options available in the Creature Creator and create your own creature. You can also buy the full version of the Creature Creator, containing four times as many options as the trial, from the EA Store for 9.95 as a direct download for PC starting tomorrow. The boxed PC/MAC version comes out thursday, according to Bestbuy.com. Mac users will be able to download a copy from GameTree Online.

A really cool feature this has is the ability to upload videos to YouTube directly from the program. Here is my first creature, Horny:

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