Monday, April 28, 2008

The future of this blog

I want to continue with this blog, but I don't know how. I really enjoy writing about social networking, but I also enjoy writing about a lot of other stuff. I could start some more blogs, but I don't write enough to justify that. I could start writing about my personal life, but I don't think I could do that to my loyal readers (you are out there right?). I'm just a pretty boring person, plus I already tried that back in high school with my Xanga. To show you, here's a fake post that I easily could have written on my old Xanga.

Evan's Xanga!!!!!111oneone

October 03, 2002

So today I went to schooll and lerned some stuff. then i went to home
and listened to weezer. they are like the greatest band ever.

Currently Playing: Soul Calibur II on gamecube. I'm like really good
with taki the ninja. seriously, her ninja moves are

Who would want to read that? Nobody. That's why I stopped writing about my personal life.

I think I'm going to continue this blog, but change the focus away from social networking technology and such. But I need a new title. I like using "Ramblings" in the title, because I like to ramble. But it needs more. I will probably be writing about general tech stuff, business, social networking, video games, and entertainment. I also enjoy self-deprecating humor if you couldn't tell already. Right now, I'm leaning towards "Unmused Ramblings." But that title really needs a good subtitle. What do you think?

And here's a question I want to pose to everyone in our class. What are you going to do with your blog after this semester? Are you going to keep writing on social networking? Are you going to use it as general personal blog? Are you going to let it languish in the blogospere with no more new posts? Or will you simply delete it?


coffee__girl said...

I vote keep your blog. Write about what you feel like.

Just keep it classier than Xanga.

WhoZeDuke said...

But Xanga is the epitome of class!